Are you that person, who can’t eat breakfast because you are not hungry? Yes, we all heard that before "breakfast is the most important meal of the day". And in my opinion, it really is. But how can you break your fast with a healthy omelet, avocado toast or oatmeal right after you wake up, if your bedtime snack still sits in your stomach from the night before. Do you feel that you are gaining weight despite you are eating perfectly the entire day, but when the night comes and your cravings are getting bigger and stronger, you give up and open up that bag of potato chips or pint of ice cream you keep in the back of your freezer? Next morning you wake up with a food coma, your face is all swollen and eyes are red. Well, the answer is very easy and simple. You ate the wrong snack the night before, which set your next morning not in the best direction. But there is a solution for this problem and I have great news for you. Eat one of the following bedtime snacks, which will satisfy your cravings, taste delicious, feel light on your stomach and you wake up in the morning ready to make that breakfast and start your day in the best possible way.

1.) Greek yoghurt

There is a reason, Greek yoghurt is number one on this list. If you are not allergic to dairy, this is one of the best bedtime snacks you can possibly have. Greek yoghurt is packed on casein protein, which is slow digestive protein and keeps your body nourished during the night. If you are building muscle or you are on the weight loss journey, this snack option is highly recommended. The flavor options are almost limitless, so go ahead, find your favorite one and enjoy it without any regrets.  

2.) Popcorn

When it comes to popcorn, it is one of the best sources of fiber out there. Fiber helps with digestion and keeps you full, which takes those cravings away. This high-volume snack is relatively low in calories and is super filling. Now, we are not talking about that super salty and buttery popcorn you get in the movie theater. Instead, choose the organic and butter free version. Little bit of salt and you are good to go. So, if you are getting that summer body and trying to lose those last layers of fat, popcorn is a great bedtime snack option for you.  

3.) Protein ice cream

Without a doubt, ice cream is one of the most favorite evening snacks out there. Honestly, who doesn’t like ice cream? Everybody does. Instead of buying full fat and high calorie versions, make your own. Put in the blender handful of frozen berries, banana or avocado, Greek yoghurt or protein powder of your choice, a little bit of almond milk or water and finish it off with the right amount of ice. Blend it up into the right consistency and you will not only feel like you are having your cheat night, but also giving to your body a source of right macro and micronutrients. 

4.) Rice cakes

Rice cakes don’t sound so delicious. But wait! Let’s give it a try. Besides the salted boring version, there are this super tasty chocolate, caramel and cheesy flavors. One rice cake has between 50 to 60 calories, almost no fat and if you enjoy a couple of those before you go to sleep with a light layer of peanut butter or sugar free jelly, I am sure you are going to love it, and there is no room to feel guilty about it. Don’t turn down this snack option before you try it. 

5.) Edamame

A half-cup of edamame has 150 calories. In addition to low calories, this snack is full of protein, fiber, vitamin K and antioxidants. Put some Cajun seasoning on top of it and enjoy the bowl of deliciousness which will keep you satisfied and is super light on your digestion before bed. You can find it in the frozen section in your local grocery store. 

6.) Apples

We all know apples are a great healthy snack. No need to say it. But you might not crave it in the evening when you are about to watch a movie. Well, there is a little trick into this snack and we can make it a little more interesting. Cut the apples into wedges, put one or two packs of Splenda or stevia on top of it and microwave for 2 minutes. It is not going to taste like apple pie, but I promise it gets very close. 

7.) Hot chocolate

Who doesn’t like hot chocolate? Sure, everybody does. The warm mug of deliciousness sounds like a pretty amazing idea after the dinner. Instead of using regular hot chocolate mix, use unsweetened cocoa powder with almond milk and low-calorie sweetener. Steer it up and microwave for a minute or two and a super tasty snack is ready to go. Cocoa has many health benefits like lowering high blood pressure, helps reduce risk of heart attack or stroke, and last and not least improves mood and helps with depression.   



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