As a fitness professional and nutritionist, the most common question I get is "how do I lose stubborn belly fat?". That last bit of undesired fat around midsection, which makes you look out of shape, even though you are spending hours and hours working out, day after day, week after week, you are still trying to figure the reason that belly fat is still there.
So, what are the true facts without misconceptions or myths? That's the question I am going to answer below: 

1.) Don’t listen everyone’s advice

Find that one person in the fitness industry, or your local personal trainer, you trust the most, the one who has the successful results and real story to tell. The one you can relate to. There is so much information out there when it comes to weight loss, especially stubborn fat, that the more you search for that true answer, the more confused you get. One person says this, another one says the opposite. So, my number one advice is to listen to that one person you trust and follow the advice for at least 2 weeks to see some changes. 

2.) Stop thinking there is some magic pill

We live in a world where everybody wants to get those results now. Stop listening to these “secret tricks”, which don’t actually work to tell you the truth. Yes! You read it correctly. Somebody has to tell you it doesn't work. All those new diets, new supplements which are coming up on the market like mushrooms after the rain don’t work. Don’t work unless you are in a calorie deficit. You have to be in a calorie deficit. Your need to eat less that your body needs. Simple as that. 

3.) Stop blaming hormonal imbalances

Stop blaming insulin, thyroid or low testosterone for not getting your dream body to come true. Stop giving yourself excuses, that you can't get rid of the stubborn fat because your doctor told you that your hormones are not in the balance. Instead, put the fork down and be mindful what you eat and how much you eat. Yes, is that simple. Calorie deficit and law of thermodynamics. I promise you, that if you eat consistently over time 500 calories less than your body needs, you will get rid of that stubborn belly fat sooner than you think. Simple as that. 

4.) Stop thinking you need fasted cardio

I am going to repeat myself on this one again. Calorie deficit. No matter what time of the day you do your 30 minutes jogging, or what time of the day you go for your bike ride. You still need to burn more calories than you consume. Cardio is only an extra tool to create the gap between your calorie intake and energy expenditure throughout the day. The bigger the gap you make, the faster you are going to lose the stubborn fat and faster going to get that shredded looking six-pack. 

5.) Stop thinking HIIT cardio is the answer

I am sure we all heard before, that doing 5 to 15 minutes of HIIT cardio is going to create this magic afterburn for 48 – 72 hours which will help you to lose body fat. No, it doesn't. You will burn more calories with 1-hour easy jogging than 15 minutes extra killer super HIIT cardio. That 1 hour of extra jogging will burn more calories, and if you are in a 300 to 500 calories deficit per day, you are going to burn the fat. 

6.) Stop doing bunch of abs workouts

Don’t get me wrong. You will get abdominal development and your abs get stronger. But it is not going to help you burn fat. Abs workout doesn't burn belly fat. It just doesn't. The spot reduction is the myth! By now, I hope you are getting the main point of this article that the one and only rule to lose stubborn belly fat is a calorie deficit. 

7.) Don’t be afraid of carbs

It doesn’t matter if you eat carbs all day long every day for months straight. If you eat less than your body needs, you are going to lose fat. Stop being afraid to enjoy the foods you like. Stop creating this imaginary diet prison on your mind. Stop saying you can’t eat this and you can’t eat that. The more restrictions you will put on your shoulders when it comes to your nutrition, the sooner you are going to cheat on your diet, and the idea of losing stubborn fat will over time disappear. You will give up and then come the hormonal imbalance excuses. So, allow yourself to eat foods you like, keep portion control in your mind, make sure you eat less than you burn and yes, you will lose stubborn fat while eating your carbs. 

8.) Stop skipping meals

If you think that saving your calories for later on in the day by skipping your breakfast or even lunch is going to get you shredded, you are mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, if you think intermittent fasting is a tool to pack all your meals into a short 6 to 8 hour window and magically lose fat. I will tell you again: You are not going to lose fat if you eat more than your body needs. Me, personally, I don’t recommend you intermittent fasting approach because in most cases, people will end up to be too hungry during those 6 to 8 hour window and they overeat and binge on those cookies they have been saving for bad times. Then they become guilty and start a wrong relationship with food. So no, do not skip your meals. 


Now we are coming to the final and only one true answer, which nobody wants to hear when it comes to losing those extra pounds. The answer has two words. CALORIE DEFICIT! I promise you that if you eat 300 to 500 calories less than your body needs over time, you are going to lose the stubborn belly fat. I guarantee that hard work in terms of consistency, commitment and patience will bring incredible results!

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