Tomas has been wildly helpful in pushing me towards my goal of lowering my body fat percentage without losing muscle. He mixes out our workout every time and will push me to try new exercise combinations and techniques while encouraging me in areas of strength. Additionally, his nutrition plan has kept it simple and is also delicious. I highly recommend Tomas to anyone wanting to take their physical fitness and total well-being to the next level.      

Joshua Lopez

For the longest time I had attempted to workout on my own, following Youtube videos or articles I had read online. While these are great resources, they are useless without implementing proper form and weight progression during training; this is where Tomas helped me. Since the consultation, it was clear that he was motivated and wanted me to not only reach my goals but surpass them. Only a month in and I can see and feel a difference. As someone who was not much of a gym goer I can say that’s changed. I look forward to our sessions and, yes, even leg day!

Kristopher Dietrich

 "I've been trying for a better part of a decade to get my body to where I wanted it to be with goals, plans of action, and even doctor visits with little success. That changed with Tomas. He knows what he's doing; more than that, he cares deeply about what he does and what goals I have for my body. I should have started with him. I would've saved money in the long run, and I would've gained a passionate friend and talented trainer that much sooner."

Alex Brilliandt

Training with Tomas is the best decision I’ve ever made in pursuit of my fitness goals. Before working with him, I was uncomfortable in the gym and uncomfortable with my own body; now, having worked with him in both nutrition and training, I’ve dropped weight, gained strength, and gained a lot of confidence. Tomas is highly motivating and extremely knowledgeable, and I leave every workout with him feeling great. As a runner that used to train exclusively through cardio, I’m now training and eating like an athlete. I could not be more pleased with the experience and cannot recommend training with him enough.

Bess Bridwell

Tomas has been a great coach for the past month. He holds his customers accountable in the gym, but more importantly outside the gym with constant reminders on nutrition, water intake, and sleep schedule. I've seen gains in strength and I feel better since starting my fitness journey.

Todd Wolverton

My Journey with Thomas started in the summer of 2019. I spent the previous 2 years completing my MBA while working full time and traveling about 60% to 70% of the time. At 5’4” I had ballooned to 182 pounds. Earlier that year I went for a checkup and my cholesterol was through the roof. I needed a change. That summer I decided to part ways with my employer seeking a professional transformation. I signed up for a personal trainer at our gym and was blessed to be paired with Tomas for an evaluation. The approach to Tomas' room resonated with me immediately. He set expectations early...”this will not be a 3 week thing” he would say. “We’re going on a Journey together and it will be 90% mental and only 10%” what we do here in the gym. That last quote is precisely why Tomas is the best there is out there. His approach was to build Stabilization, Strength and Power, fundamentals that make sense from a physical perspective. He paired that with a diet that he tailored to my eating habits (which is extremely poor). But the most important part of the training was the mental training we went through during the sessions and the consistent weekly check ins outside of the gym. “Fitness is a mindset” he would say, and he helped develop a mindset and a framework that I could use long after our sessions are done. In the end, I lost about 28 pounds over a 5 month training schedule only going twice a week. I actually lost most of that in the first 3 months, but in the last few weeks we worked on Strength and Power to build muscle. In the end, a summer that started off with a Professional transformation ended with a complete Physical and Mental transformation as well. And I’m thankful to Tomas for helping me along my journey. I couldn’t have done it without him!

Eric Lopez

Tom is amazing, he helped me go through my weight loss process, he is always taking care of my progress and my nutrition. I’m thankful that I found him because before I tried a lot of different people and methods and he’s the first one that made me change my mindset and my lifestyle.

Mailyn Poira

“Working with Tomas, I have felt cared for. He calls to check in, helps with recipes, and goes over my exercises to ensure I am doing them correctly. Tomas is professional and gives 100%. I would highly highly recommend him.”

Silvia Fischbach


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